"Frequently Asked Questions"

Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions I get asked. Please read through this FAQ and each creature's listing before contacting me or adopting a creature.


Q: Did you go to school for art? Can you teach me?
A: Other than taking art class in grade school, I’ve never formally taken any art courses. Nor do I believe it is necessary. Art is a personal adventure and extension of the creator. No number of degrees or amount of schooling will help you learn that.

I am self taught, through trial, lots of error, and research. I still struggle with many aspects and am constantly learning new things, so I highly recommend looking up tutorials for the techniques you are specifically seeking to learn on your own. Videos, written instructions, following artists you admire, read reviews of tools & materials, etc. Play, learn, practice, and develop your own style, and most of all don’t rip off my, or anyone else’s, creations.


Q: Where do you get your ideas for your creatures?
A: My creature’s faces are based on features of my children. (The sad eyebrows, the super fat cheeks, etc). Most are inspired by nature, and sometimes food, but many of them are from weird dreams I’ve had.


Q: Can my child play with them?
A: As cute and playful as my creatures may be, they are not toys, but one of a kind, collectible art sculptures intended for adult collectors. They are not suitable for child’s play. Please gift responsibly for the safety of your loved ones.


Q: I have contacted you (email/DM/comment/etc) and haven’t heard anything back!
 I am a one woman show, which means I do all the art, answer all the emails, interact on all the social media platforms, process all the listings & shipments, etc. I am also a wife and mother of 3, so things are bound to fall through the cracks occasionally. It is not my intention to overlook or ignore messages (with the exception of messages containing questions that are easily answered by reading through this page). If it has been more than 7 days and you still haven’t heard from me, please send your message again!

Also please keep in mind that I receive hundreds of notifications from my social media accounts DAILY! While I try my best to keep up, their messaging platforms aren't the most reliable way to get in touch with me, especially about important issues!


Q: Can I share your work on my page? May I draw/tattoo, or otherwise recreate your creatures?
A: I don’t mind others sharing my work & photos, or taking inspiration from my creations, but they are just that, MY CREATIONS. Please be courteous enough to ask me first, be sure to give me credit (by linking and/or tagging me) and don’t sell reproductions of my work!


Q: How so I find you on social media?
A: I currently ONLY use Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest for Mishes Official. (I also have an inactive etsy account). If you see any account, other than these, posting or selling my creatures (or reproductions), please send links/screen grabs to me at mishesofficial@gmail.com and report it!


Q: How do I buy your work? Everything in your shop is sold out! Can I reserve/hold/pre-order a creature? Do you take commissions?
A: If my shop is "sold out" it means all of my creatures have been adopted, and I am in the process of creating more. I leave sold out creatures on display as "Adopted" so that you may read reviews, see product descriptions, and get a general idea of the type of creature you are looking to adopt. 

I only sell here on my website and in person at craft shows and I tend to sell out pretty quickly, so I do not accept reserves/holds/pre-orders - it's just not fair. All creatures, including commission slots, are adopted out on a first come, first serve basis.

I accept a limited number of commission slots throughout the year and announce them along side shop updates. For more information on commissions please see the Commissions Page.


Q: When is the next shop update? 
A: I try to update the shop at least once a month, but this can sometimes be a bit sporadic. Especially around holidays, before trade shows when I’m trying to build up stock, or when I have a full commissions wait list. I always make shop restock announcements, with full details, here on my website (check the Home page), via MishMail (sign up here) ahead of time, and then through social media the day before/day of. Restocks are ALWAYS eastern standard time (EST).


Q: Adoption Tips!
 Beware that my creatures tend to get adopted quickly! Sometimes within minutes! Once creatures are listed, how and when they are adopted is completely out of my control. I am not responsible for you missing an adoption for any reason other than technical difficulties on MY end. Please check and double check your info & settings and try again next time! Good luck!

☾ Set an alarm! The date and time of every restock is announced multiple times before it goes live, across all of my social media accounts. A fully detailed email is also sent out to MishMail subscribers a few days prior. Sign up for MishMail here
☾ I will always make an announcement (check my Instagram!) if I run into issues during the update or need to push back the restock date/time! 
☾ Give yourself enough time before the restock to make sure your payment & shipping information is correct & saved in your account, and charge your device! Don't have a member's account? Register here!
☾ A few minutes before launch time, login to your account, make your way to the shop, and start refreshing! With the exception of technical difficulties, restocks go live within a few minutes of the launch time!
☾ Know who you want to adopt! I post plenty of photos of all available creatures beforehand to help you decide! I do not limit the number of creatures you can adopt, but I do recommend ordering one at a time to maximize your success. I will of course combine shipping & reimburse the difference. 
☾ Using a computer and a saved credit card is the fastest way to checkout. Make sure your internet connection is strong! 
☾ An item is not yours until you have fully completed the purchasing process AND the payment has been accepted. (You will receive an order confirmation email). Items are NOT reserved simply because they are placed in your cart. 

Q: There wasn’t a receipt, care instructions, or a business card in my package? What gives?
A: In an effort to reduce costs & waste, and to lower my impact on the environment, I have done away with any unnecessary products. This includes: receipts, business cards, care sheets, double boxing, etc. (Please note, there will be a transition phase where you may receive some of the things listed while I use up stock & collect new packaging materials). A lot of my packaging is reused, so please do your part by reusing/recycling it!

If you require a physical receipt, it is up to you to login to your email and/or member account and print it out. Other important information can always be found throughout my website.


Q: Returns/Exchanges & Refunds
A: Due to the handmade nature of my creatures, I do not currently accept refunds, returns, or exchanges. Please review all information provided to you, and adopt seriously!

Creatures are crafted and packaged with the utmost care in regards to durability & protection. However, accidents do happen. If your creature arrives damaged, there are two options:

☾ Message me with photos of the damage within 7 days of delivery, and once approved, ship the broken creature back to me in its original packaging. Once I receive the broken creature, I will issue a refund minus shipping fees. 
☾ Fixing the damage yourself is usually quite simple. (I am not responsible for any further damage caused by your repairs). I am happy to assist you through your repair via email.

Shipping fees are non-refundable and I do not issue refunds, nor am responsible for lost or stolen packages. If a package is returned to me unopened, with no explanation, I will refund your purchase and re-list the item(s) during the next shop update.


Q: Shipping - When, how, and how much?
 I usually ship on Wednesdays, and with the exception of commissions, adopted creatures ship out within 1-7 days of adoption, to the address provided at checkout. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SHIPPING INFORMATION IS CORRECT!

I ship worldwide, at cost, via USPS priority, which always includes tracking & insurance. Shipping ranges from $7 to over $50 and typically arrives within 1-3 weeks, depending on the number of creatures adopted and location of buyer. International buyers, please note that you are responsible for any additional customs fees that your country requires to complete delivery - customs fees & subsequent delivery delays vary depending on location. I know it is ridiculously expensive and I am sorry for that. I do everything in my power to keep shipping costs as low as possible, while ensuring your creature(s) arrives safely.

If your package is running late (and it's not holiday season), please call your local post office and have your name & tracking number on hand!

Please understand that I am not liable or responsible for your package, in any way, once it leaves my hands, and I have absolutely ZERO control over delivery times, postage rates, & customs fees, aside from eating the costs myself, and that’s just not in the cards at this time.


Q: How do I care for my creatures? Are your creatures just for indoor display, or can they be used outside in my garden?
A: While most of my creatures are meant to be desk or shelf buddies, many will be perfectly ok nestled by a plant in a pot or in your fairy garden. Just remember to move them before doing any heavy gardening, watering, fertilizing, or pest control.

Please also keep in mind the general nature of your creature. While the clay & general structure itself is durable, some creatures, particularly those with lots of delicate and/or protruding details (scales, wings/fins, flowers/mushrooms, shimmer, antennea, glaze, etc), are more prone to damage when not properly protected from the elements.

Please see my fully detailed Creature Care page for more.


Q: What materials/brands/tools do you use? Where do you get your supplies?
A: All of my creatures are made from sculpey’s premo line of polymer clay (not vegan - sorry) from polymerclaysuperstore.com. I do not use paint and only occasionally use a glossy glaze or shimmer powder (unnamed brands).

I use a variety of tools, some purchased in kits, others hand made from household items. Crystals and stone cabochons that I use for eyes come from many places/sellers including my local stone shops and my personal collection from rockhounding adventures (read: I dug them from the earth with my own hands).


Q: Follow for a follow/share for share? Can you check out my page and leave feedback?
 Im sorry, but, NO. I will not respond to comments or messages solely asking for likes/shares/follows. I am all for sharing & befriending fellow artists (I do so often), and supporting one another, but don’t beg me just to help raise your stats. Spamming or harassing me about it will get you reported & blocked. If I have the time, and want to share your page, I will ask you!


If you still have questions after reading through this FAQ, please send me an email at mishesofficial@gmail.com.