This page contains information for some of my most frequently asked questions and double as my shop policies. Please read through them, AND each item listing, in their entirety prior to contacting me or purchasing from me. By purchasing from my shop, you agree to the following terms.


With all of the current delays & suspensions, I am not currently accepting orders or shipping to the 28 countries with shipping blocks. Check the USPS.com website for a list of countries and full details to see if this suspension applies to you. I am sorry about the inconvenience, this is completely out of my hands.


During these unprecedented times, please expect additional delays in regards to production, response, & shipping times. I am taking extra steps when creating, packaging, & shipping your items to limit exposure risk to myself & the community.

Please note: The businesses I work with for materials and shipping are also experiencing spikes in production costs, delays in production & shipping due to shortages, guideline restrictions, precautions, and closures. This is beyond any of our control.

Thank you for your patience & understanding. Wash your hands, wear your mask, get vaccinated, and stay safe everyone!

What is a Mish/art doll? And where do I find/buy them?

Mishes are original creations of mine that I have brought to “life” in the form of sculptures and illustrations. They include a rich folklore, and combine many of my favorite things. You can learn more about me, Mishes, & the folklore behind them throughout my website.

Art dolls are essentially handmade art that is in the form of dolls. They are not toys. I have written an entire article that goes into greater detail that you can read here.  

My work is currently ONLY available for sale on my website www.mishesofficial.com. You can also find Mishes on Instagram, ArtfolFacebook, & Pinterest.

Your shop is empty. / When is the next shop update?

I tend to sell out pretty quickly, usually within minutes of restocking, so if the shop is empty, everything from the last restock has been purchased, and I am in the process creating more.

My shop is updated roughly once every 6-8 weeks, typically on a Saturday, but this can sometimes be a bit sporadic.

Restocks are announced on this website (check the announcement at the top of the page), my blog, via emailed newsletter called MishMail (sign up here), & multiple times across all of my social media accounts on the days leading up to a restock.

Do you take custom orders or reserve items? / When will you be making more of a particular item?

To put it simply, no. I am ONE person, only capable of hand-making a small batch of pieces for each restock. I do not have the time to create custom orders/cater to special requests, AND keep my shop updated on a regular basis, therefore I do NOT accept reserves, holds, customs, or secret hand outs of any kind - it's just not fair. Everything in my shop is first come, first serve.

While it's likely that a particular design or idea may come back around, what I want to make varies over time. I also periodically retire designs, as well as reserve certain themes for specific times of the year, which both prevents my work from becoming repetitive and helps keep my pieces truly one of a kind.

How much do your pieces cost? How do you price your art?

As a full time, handmade artist, pricing each piece includes, but is not limited to: my current skill set, materials used, time spent, attention to detail, and business overheads.

Prices in upcoming restocks may vary, and are subject to change at any time, but for the most part typically start at or around:

  • Art Dolls - $95-120+
  • Mounts - $75+
  • Tattoo Pass - pay what you can
  • Merch (stickers, pins, prints, apparel, etc) - $6-$45+
  • Subscription Services - $5

All prices shown are USD and do not include shipping! For exact item prices, please check item listings, the blog, newsletter, & restock posts on social media. Shipping rates are calculated for you based on combined shipping weight & location.

What does joining the Sticker Guild entail?

You can manage your membership(s), i.e. change subscription status, update your mailing address, and/or update your billing info, at any time by logging in to your account, clicking "Subscriptions", and then clicking the ID of the subscription you are trying to modify. Don't have a FREE member's account? Register here! (Links may look grayed out, but I assure you they work, just a design flaw that I'm working on fixing).

*Please note that you MUST have an activated account to access these settings, and you MUST update billing/shipping information on both the main account page AND in the subscription page for things to take effect.

Manage Your Subscription


  • After joining the guild you will receive ONE (1) new sticker design every month. Stickers will typically be around 3 inches / 7.6 centimeters in height and printed on weatherproof, UV resistant, & dishwasher safe vinyl.
  • There is currently no deadline to receive the current month’s sticker. If you would like multiple stickers, simply purchase multiple subscriptions. (Sometimes this may result in receiving multiple variants of one sticker!)
  • Your card will be charged $5 at the time of subscribing, then automatically charged $5 (per subscription) on the 1st of every month until you pause or cancel your membership. Paying for multiple months in advance is not currently available. Subscribe, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Stickers ship untracked/uninsured, for free, within 7 business days of your initial subscription/the 7th of the month (pending autopay) and typically arrive within 1-3 weeks. Shipping times may be longer for international members.

Parameters, prices, & items included in the subscription are subject to change at any time. For current information see MishMonthly’s Sticker Guild page.

Become a Guild Member today!

Pre-Order Details

If your order includes both pre-order & regular items, please note that your order will not be shipped until the pre-order goes out. (This could be weeks to months depending on the pre-order details). To ensure your other items arrive sooner, please purchase them separately.

Pre-order items almost always depict "mock up" or "sample" photos. This is normal and is there to give you a general idea of what you will be ordering. You understand that a pre-order is an item that has NOT been made yet. Final products may vary slightly in color/design.

Specific details for pre-orders, including info on how long pre-orders will be available to purchase, when the estimated shipping date is, etc is included on the pre-order listing page. This info can and will vary from pre-order to pre-order. Please read the listing information carefully.

What are Printful or “print on demand” products?

For some of my larger branded merch I use a print on demand company called Printful. I provide my original artwork & designs for select products, and Printful receives, makes, & ships your purchase directly to you.

Please be aware that orders fulfilled by Printful will not be made until an order has been placed, and can take 7-10 business days to be processed before the item is shipped to you. All print on demand products are clearly noted in the item’s description and will ship separately from other orders/products.

If you have any issues with your print on demand product/order you will need to contact Printful directly to resolve it. I cannot do this for you. I do not handle print on demand orders or items in any way and thus have no control over how they are managed.

For detailed print on demand information please see Printful’s shipping & fulfillment policies, return policies, & care instructions as they differ from my own.

How do auctions work?

Auctions display in the shop just like any other product. Items up for auction will be clearly marked in both the title & description. Please read through each auction item's description for full details on when bidding ends (there's a convenient countdown displayed on all auction items), as well as helpful information on where bidding currently stands, bidding history, and bid increments. This information will vary from auction to auction.

Bids can be made at any point while the auction is live simply by clicking "bid now". Please note that you must have a free member account (register here) and be logged in to place a bid. No information is collected from you unless you are the winning bidder. It is your responsibility to monitor the progress of the auction. I am not responsible for you being outbid at the last minute and missing out.

Winners will be notified via email and provided with a "Complete Your Purchase" link that will direct you to checkout. If checkout is not completed within 24 hours of the auction ending, the item will default to the next bidder.

You can login to your member account at any time to view your bidding history and even checkout your winning bids from there!

I signed up for MishMail but haven't received any emails?

Emails are automatically sent out in batches to help avoid spam filters & improve delivery rates. So, it may take some time for the newsletter to reach every subscriber. Please note that if you sign up for MishMail AFTER I have sent the current newsletter, you will not receive MishMail until the NEXT one goes out.

There are a few things you can do to make sure MishMail is delivered to your inbox:

  • Confirm that you have in fact subscribed. Typos happen, so make sure your email is correct and that you have clicked confirm in the "subscription confirmation" email that was sent at signed up.
  • Add mishesofficial@gmail.com to your address book so your email provider recognizes Mishes.
  • Refresh your inbox manually and/or give your email provider up to 24 hours. Some servers take longer to process incoming emails (yahoo, aol, & hotmail are particularly cranky).
  • Give your spam/junk folder a good once over - if you find MishMail there, make sure you move it to the inbox.
  • Check your spam filters, firewalls, and make sure mishesofficial@gmail.com isn't blocked. More information about whitelisting an email address can be found here.
  • Unsubscribing and then resubscribing can sometimes fix the issue. Make sure to follow the steps in the subscription confirmation email.

If you are still having trouble receiving MishMail please visit the help desk at mailchimp.com. Alternatively, you can check the latest blog posts for a one time link to the most recent newsletter.

Adoption Tips!

Beware that my shop tends to sell out quickly! Sometimes within minutes! Once listings are live, how and when they are purchased is completely out of my control. I am not responsible for you missing a restock for any reason.

  • Set an alarm, turn on post notifications & alerts, and check the time zone differences (I run on Eastern Standard Time)! With the exception of emergencies & technical difficulties, restocks go live AT launch time.
  • It can take up to 60 seconds for everything to load on the page. I will always make an announcement (check my instagram stories) if I run into any issues during the restock or need to push back the date/time!
  • Read through ALL of the FAQs (this page) & restock posts on social media! Everything you need to know, from shipping times & cost, video previews, to info on pre-orders, auctions, & returns, can be found in one or both locations.
  • Make sure your internet connection is strong, and give yourself enough time before the restock to charge your device, login to your account, and make sure your email & default shipping information is up to date and saved correctly! Don't have a FREE member's account? Register here!
  • For security reasons, my shop is not capable of saving payment information until AFTER a purchase has been made. A quick bypass for this is purchasing a merch item from the shop before the restock. Alternatively you can use an accelerated payment method such as Apple Pay (which is rumored to be the fastest!) or PayPal, just make sure all of your info is plugged in and correct ahead of time!
  • Art dolls & mounts go FAST, so make any merch purchases before or after the restock. (Don’t worry, I am happy to combine shipping! - see more info below)
  • I have a strict one (1) sculpt per customer policy! More information can be found below.
  • Remember that items are not yours simply because they are in your cart. You must FULLY complete the purchasing process. (You will receive an order confirmation email).

*Please do not message me about not getting the piece you wanted. I know missing out sucks, and I’m sorry about that, but harassing me won’t change anything. Part of the fun is trying to grab what you want as fast as possible. Check and double check your info & settings, follow the above tips, and try again next time!*

ONE (1) Sculpt per Customer Policy

Due to the high volume of traffic & how quickly pieces sell out, I have implemented a ONE (1) sculpt per customer policy during the first 24 hours of a restock. This is simply the easiest and most efficient way to give more people a chance to get something. After 24 hours, if there are additional sculpts still available, then you may purchase as many as you’d like.

This rule does not apply to subscription services, auctions, preorders, or merch (stickers, pins, prints, apparel, etc) and resets after every restock. I will cancel & refund orders violating this policy. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned from purchasing from me. Do not try to trick or bypass this policy by using multiple accounts/fake names. It’s deceitful and rude, and you're not fooling anyone. Just play nice, ok?

Shipping - When, how, and how much?

With the exception of pre-orders & print on demand products, items typically ship out within 7 business days of purchase, to the address provided at checkout. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SHIPPING INFORMATION IS CORRECT AT CHECKOUT. If you need me to update an accidental incorrect address you MUST email me immediately after purchasing, with your order number & details. I cannot change an address on a package that has already been shipped.

I ship everything with tracking, at cost, via USPS First Class*, to just about anywhere in the world**. Shipping is calculated at checkout based on the combined weight of everything purchased & location of buyer. It ranges from $4-7 domestic / $12-65 international, and typically arrives within 1-3 weeks, but can be upwards of 8 weeks for international buyers.

International buyers please be aware that YOU are responsible for any additional customs fees/tariffs/taxes that your country requires to complete delivery. These fees & subsequent delivery delays vary depending on location. I absolutely will NOT falsify information on federal documents just so you can avoid paying customs fees. It is illegal, and I refuse to put myself, my business, and my customers at risk.

*I do NOT offer insurance at this time as it is more often than not, a time consuming, and ineffective process to get approved.

**I do NOT ship to the UK due to recent (2021) customs/VAT changes & charges brought on by Brexit, OR China due to the extremely high rate of art theft/counterfeiting.

I placed multiple orders, will you combine shipping?

I automatically combine shipping when you make multiple purchases with the same name and address. Please keep in mind that while this usually results in shipping overage refunds, sometimes it doesn’t. If you would rather I ship your purchases individually, PLEASE leave a note in one of your orders at checkout or email me with ALL of your order numbers as soon as possible! I cannot make changes to orders that have already shipped.

Recently, some customers have chosen to forgo shipping refunds and instead ask that I put that extra money towards the pool of funds that I donate after every restock. (I truly appreciate this! And so do the organizations, charities, & mutual aid foundations that I donate to!) If you'd like me to do this, simply add a note in one of your orders or email me.


Where’s my package?

You can track your package at USPS.com using the tracking number provided in your shipping notification email. (Please note that tracking is not available for items marked “free shipping”). Tracking may not show for international buyers once your package has left the United States.

It is VITAL that you make sure your email address is correct AND working! I cannot send you order confirmations, shipping & refund notifications, tracking numbers, or contact you in the event of a problem.

If your package is running late (and it's not holiday season), please call your local post office and have your name & tracking number on hand! If you suspect that it was stolen, I recommend getting your local police involved. It is your responsibility to make sure your packages are being delivered to a safe address.

*Please understand that I am not liable or responsible for your package, in any way, once it leaves my hands, and I have absolutely ZERO control over handling, delivery times, postage rates, & customs fees.

Returns, Exchanges, & Refunds

Due to the one of a kind, handmade nature of my work, I do not accept refunds, returns, or exchanges. Please review all information provided prior to purchasing, and shop seriously!

Shipping fees are non-refundable and I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages. If a package is returned to me unopened, I will attempt to contact you and if you’d like, re-ship at YOUR cost. If I do not hear back from you within 48 hours, I will refund your purchase (minus shipping) and re-list the item(s) in my shop.

If you have any problems with your order, please email me as soon as possible (be sure to include your order #), so that we may work together to find a solution.

*I reserve the right to refuse, cancel, and refund any order, at any time, for any reason. Especially if fraud, abuse, or harassment (toward myself or others) is suspected.

Help! My order arrived damaged.

Polymer clay is surprisingly strong, but it is not indestructible. Especially around joints and thin protruding areas, if dropped. Also, keep in mind that due to their handmade nature, sculptures may display slight imperfections such as: textured matte feel, finger prints, dust, bumps, seams, tool impressions, etc. Imperfections do not equal damage.

  • For merch damage (such as a ripped sticker or broken pin post), please email me as soon as possible with photos of the damage & packaging, and I will happily send you a replacement.
  • Damaged sculpts are usually quite simple to repair with a steady hand & a dab of super glue (I recommend loctite gel). However, if the damage to your sculpture is more extensive than a simple gluing, please email me as soon as possible with photos of the damage & packaging so that we may work together to take the appropriate action.

My work is crafted and packaged with the utmost care in regards to durability & protection. However, accidents do happen (and the postal service isn’t known for being gentle).

I have contacted you (email/DM/comment) but haven’t heard back.

I am a one woman show, which means I do all the art, answer all the emails, interact on all the social media platforms, process all the listings & shipments, handle all of the marketing & business managing, etc. I am also a wife & mother of 3, and have personal boundaries set in place to protect my mental health, so things are bound to fall through the cracks occasionally. It is not my intention to overlook or ignore messages. If it has been more than 7 business days and you still haven’t heard from me, please send your message again!

However, I will NOT waste time answering repetitive questions that are easily answered by reading through this page and/or the saved posts on my social media profiles. This info is easily accessible 24/7 and here specifically for YOU!

As of 2021 I am no longer responding to direct messages (DMs) on social media. I receive hundreds of notifications & comments from multiple platforms DAILY, and their messaging systems are extremely unreliable. If you need to get in touch with me, for any reason, please email me or fill out the form below.

Where’s my receipt?

In an effort to reduce costs, and to lower my impact on the environment, I have done away with unnecessary inserts. This includes: receipts, business cards, care sheets, double boxing, etc. As of 2021 my packaging is completely plastic free & made of recycled materials. Some things are even compostable! Please do your part by reusing and/or recycling them once you receive your order.

I am always happy to accept my packing materials (crinkle paper + Mishes box) that have been sent back to me to reuse on future orders.

If you require a physical receipt, it is up to you to login to your email and/or member account, and print it out. Any additional information can always be found throughout my website & social media profiles.

How do I care for my new art doll? Can my child/pet play with it?

As cute and playful as my art may be, they are not toys, but one of a kind, art sculptures intended for display by teen & adult collectors (13+). They are not suitable for child’s play. Broken pieces are a CHOKING HAZARD to children and pets. Please gift responsibly for the safety of your loved ones.

Some general care guidelines:

  • Avoid constant sun exposure
  • Keep away from moisture & chemicals
  • Dust with cotton swab or soft cloth

Please see my fully detailed "caring for your art" page for more info on how to care for your new art dolls & merchandise.

How do I leave a review?

If you have any issues with your item and/or order, please contact me directly before leaving a review so that we may work together to fix the issue.

To write your own review;

  • Navigate to the Gallery & look for your creature’s listing by photo and/or name.
  • Once on your item's page, scroll to the bottom, past the description & images, to where it says “Customer Reviews”, and click “write a review”.
  • Fill in the form & click “submit review”.
  • In addition to leaving reviews here on my website, you can also leave reviews on my Facebook page by clicking “Share Feedback”.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. It means the world to me! Not only do your reviews help other customers, they also let me know how I’m doing! Be sure to tag me on social media @mishesofficial / #mishadventures and/or email me photos of your new pieces! I would love to see them and share it (with your permission)!

Can you teach me, give me business advice, and/or post tutorial videos?

I occasionally post fun mini-tutorials & tips on the blog and in my feeds on social media, but otherwise I have zero desire (or time) to teach or make live/tutorial type videos.

For those seeking to learn, by all means ask your fellow artists, some artists love sharing, but don't be offended if some say no or have things they'd rather not share. Instead, consider purchasing one of their classes, look up tutorials on techniques, follow & support artists you admire (even from different mediums!), watch videos, read books, written instructions, & reviews of tools/materials/etc, and most of all don’t rip off other people’s hard work.

To this day I am researching, trying, & learning new things myself. I still struggle & fail in many aspects of my craft and business. The best advice I can give is to take your time, be yourself, and keep practicing & growing!

How do you beat social media algorithms? Share for a share?

The algorithms affect all of us the same way, and they change/adapt over time according to your use and your followers use. No one gets special treatment and there is no such thing as "trick/beat the algorithms".

Put in the time, do the work, be authentic and original (this means not stealing other’s photos/posts, working style, or ideas), strive to improve your content/posts/photos, create a hashtag system that works for you, make a work/posting schedule, like/comment/share your followers/others in your field, collaborate with other artists/businesses, and above all, don’t be fooled into the “it’s the algorithms” mentality. Nothing is going to happen overnight, especially if you aren't putting in the work.

I occasionally share work from some of my favorite artists through social media, but I will NOT respond to comments/messages begging me to "share for share" or buy followers/programs to "enhance" my marketing.

What brand of clay & tools do you use? / Where do you get your supplies? / What camera do you use?

All of my sculptures are currently made from sculpey’s premo line of polymer clay (not vegan - sorry) with a metal armature. I do not use paint, but I occasionally use chalk pastels, powdered mica pigments (shimmer), wool, & uv resin for details.

I use a variety of tools, some purchased in kits online, or from local arts & crafts stores, others hand made from household items. The crystals and stone cabochons that I use for eyes are REAL and come from many places/sellers including my local stone shops and my personal collection from prospecting adventures (read: I dug them from the earth with my own hands).

All illustrations (stickers, coloring pages, etc) are hand drawn by me using an iPad pro, apple pencil, & procreate. I do all of the graphics design for my promotional & web materials using Photoshop.

As for photography, I owned and ran a family photography service for over 5 years prior to Mishes, the skills I picked up throughout that time have been invaluable. I shoot with a Nikon D610 and Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 lens most often to photograph Mishes, and do all of my post processing in Photoshop. Most of the snippets & behind the scenes photos you see were taken & edited on my iPhone in Lightroom.

I love your work, but always miss your restocks/can’t afford it. Can I share your posts?

I truly appreciate that you enjoy my work enough to share it with others and I have no problems with anyone sharing my work (with proper credit & permission of course).

There are plenty of other wallet friendly ways to help support your favorite artists and small business too:

  • Like their posts on social media
  • Share/repost WITH proper credit
  • Don’t steal or copy their work
  • Tell your friends about them
  • Leave nice/encouraging comments
  • Buy their small Merch (pins, stickers, prints, etc).
  • Support them on platforms like ko-fi, Patreon, etc
  • Don’t haggle or beg for free work. This isn’t a flea market.
  • Write reviews & share photos of pieces you have purchased
  • Visit their vendor booths at events
  • Don’t treat them like corporate machines. WE ARE NOT AMAZON.COM!

Tagging me and/or using my posts/photos solely as marketing to grow your own social media pages is prohibited.

May I draw fanart of your creatures? / Can I get your art tattooed?

I love seeing fan art as long as you tag me @mishesofficial on social media, giving me proper credit. As for tattoos, I ask that you please give my tattoo ticket a once over to learn about compensating me for my time & art.  

However, fanart and/or copying my working style & designs with intent to sell is 100% PROHIBITED (even with proper credit). Not only does making a profit off of my original work hurt me & my business, but you are doing yourself a huge disservice as well. By all means, be inspired, but put in the time and work to make it your own (changing the color, one minor detail, or removing the mish symbol from the forehead does NOT = making it your own). I will enforce my copyrights and take legal action when necessary!


All works of art on this website and posted to my social media accounts are copyrighted, including but not limited to: sculptures, figurines, photographs, coloring pages, stickers, pins, graphics, and writings. They are the sole intellectual property of Jes Hunter of Mishes, unless otherwise credited. I reserve the right to recreate, photograph, and otherwise use any of my works of art & related material (ex; graphics, written information, illustrations, etc) at my discretion, for any reason.

Purchasing art from me does NOT transfer any copyright or reproduction rights to you. All rights remain with me, the artist. You may not mold, cast, scan, print, or otherwise reproduce my pieces in any way. Please do not use my photos without permission.

If you see my work (or reproductions) for sale anywhere other than MY official website, Instagram, ArtfolFacebook, & Pinterest accounts, consider it as stolen art and/or a scam! Please email me with links & screen grabs that include date & time stamps, and report it. 

*Please note that while good intentioned, engaging these scammers/copycats on my behalf can make the situation much more difficult to address and correct on my end. When in doubt, simply screen grab, report, & block. Thank you!

If you still have questions after reading through this FAQ, please send me an email at mishesofficial@gmail.com.