Mishes, A History

Mishes Official | Mishroom, Sr. the first mish

Mishes was sparked in early 2016 after my daughter (then 4 years old) asked me to make her a mushroom baby to play with. So I threw together this little thing with some left over clay from a previous project, slapped some paint on it, and called it a day.

After sharing photos of this weird little sculpture I had just created with my husband and a few close friends, I was encouraged to sketch out “just a few more designs”, and everything took off from there. Incidentally, a typo when discussing this “mushroom” creature in those first conversations is how I came to the name Mishes. Which, by the way is pronounced like wish, not meesh!

Through thousands of hours learning sculpting techniques, mostly through trial & error, the Mish family has grown and evolved into what you see now. Many of the mish features you have come to know and love are based on a combination of my children's faces. The big puppy eyes, the fat cheeks, and the dimples (so many dimples) are worked into my ever-evolving style.

To this day, my daughter plays a very big role in Mishes, from suggesting ideas, to mixing & rolling clay for me. She has even recruited her little brother to help stamp boxes & package your orders. Her opinion is one of the very few I seek and trust completely when it comes to new creations.

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