First picture: Hunter family of 5, from left to right Taylor, Baby Viktor, Jes, Lydia, Will in front of evergreen trees. Second picture: Jes sculpting a mish at her desk.
Mishes is entirely run & owned by yours truly. My name is Jes. I am self taught and have been an artist for as long as I can remember, but I didn't start actively working with polymer clay until April of 2016. I’ve never formally had any training in any medium. Though I’d love to take classes on a large number of things, ranging from art history & architecture, to business & marketing.

I currently reside in central Virginia, USA with my husband, Will (owner & artist at Hill City Tattoo, and bassist in local metal band, Dead Era), and our three children.

In addition to sculpting, I also do photography, draw, paint, sew, cook & bake, make costumes, do graphics & web design, and crochet. Creating art, in any form, is my true passion. I am also intensely attracted to all things peculiar, macabre, and notably taboo. If it’s different, weird, unconventional, or generally shocks the average person, I’m all over it.

Mishes, A History

The name Mish (pronounced like wish, not meesh) came from a typo while texting about the mushroom creature (my very first Mishroom!) that I made for my daughter. She is the whole reason I started Mishes. When she was about 3-4 years old, she asked me to make her a toy mushroom baby to play with, so I threw together this little thing with some left over clay from a previous project and painted it. The family has grown and evolved a lot since then. My daughter still plays a very big role in Mishes, from suggesting ideas, to mixing & rolling clay for me, and helping me stamp boxes & package your orders. Her opinion is one of the very few I seek and trust when it comes to new creations.

Mish faces are even inspired by a combination of my children's facial features. The big puppy eyes, the fat cheeks, and the dimples, so many dimples.

As a business, I place great emphasis on being as open minded and environmentally responsible as possible. I recycle most of my office materials, practice energy management & make use of recyclable, reusable, & biodegradable products as often as possible.


First picture: Daughter Lydia photographing Mishroom Sr. Second picture: Mishroom Sr. The first original Mish.