About the Artist

Image of Mishes owner and artist Jes

I’m Jes, a self taught artist, and the creator of Mishes. While sculpting is a relatively new venture of mine (2016), I have been a prolific creative for as long as I can remember. My working style is heavily inspired by the witchy magic of deep, dark forests, and folklore surrounding cryptids, horror, & mythological beasts. To learn more about the creation of Mishes & the story behind them, visit Mishes, A History.

I currently run & operate Mishes from my home studio in Virginia, USA where I reside with my husband, children, and a menagerie of pets & plants.

Mishes Official | Jes desk with tools

Creativity seeps into most aspects of my life, including my interests in antiques, architecture, photography, & body modification. However, when I am not being creative, I enjoy reading, running D&D campaigns for my children & a group of our friends, blasting my favorite metal tunes (including my husband’s band), playing video games, hoarding rocks & other weird stuff to include in my curiosity collection, and watching movies like Willow, The Dark Crystal, and The Hobbit on repeat.

As a business, I place great emphasis on being as environmentally conscious & socially active as possible by making use of recycled, reusable, & biodegradable materials, adhering to sustainable practices within my business, and by vowing to use my ever growing platform as a way to spread awareness & gain the means to donate to both local and worldwide organizations.