What is an Art Doll?

Mishes Official | Unicorn on shelf


You’ve seen the word thrown around, but what exactly does it mean? Is it a toy, like the name suggests, or is it art? The answer is kind of BOTH! An art doll is a designer toy (or art toy) created by an artist. However, unlike mass produced toys, they are most definitely not a child’s play thing, but rather one of a kind or limited edition, hand made piece of art intended to be enjoyed & collected by teens (13+) & adults. 

Art dolls come in as many art styles and mediums as there are artists in the world. You can find these designer toys ranging from fur & plastic life size posable dolls, to demi-posable (like newer Mishes with their simple pin joints) hand sculpted clay pieces, all the way down to tiny stationary resin cast figurines, and every combination in between.

Mishes Official | Bat & Unicorn on shelf

From start to finish, Mishes have many hours of work put into them, with each and every one being individually, hand sculpted by me (I don’t use any molds), using polymer clay, metal, & crystals. I also make use of mediums like mica powders, resin, & fur for special details, and very recently plunged into pin joints to bring just a bit more magic to Mishes by making them move!

So if it’s not a toy, then what use is it? Aside from being a personal expression of the artist, art, in my opinion, is something everyone needs in their homes. And I’m not talking mainstream live, laugh, love type “art”. I’m talking about the weird, emotional, funky stuff that reminds you of the magic of being a child, that hints at mysteries still left in the world, art that makes you reminisce, emote, and think deeply. Whatever helps to break up the monotony of life. Art as a whole is an excellent ice breaker, makes for a stunning focal point, and is an overall source of joy for many collectors both locally, and internationally, regardless of its “usefulness”.

Mishes Official | Bat on shelf