Creature Care

☾ As cute and playful as my creatures may be, they are not toys, but one of a kind, collectible art sculptures intended for adult collectors. They are not suitable for child’s play as small/broken pieces are a CHOKING HAZARD. Please gift responsibly for the safety of your loved ones.

☾ Handle with love & care. Some creatures have naturally poor balance, so keep them protected from falls and potential squishings. My figurines are meant to be desk or shelf buddies.

☾ Please also keep in mind the general nature of your creature. Some creatures, particularly those with lots of delicate and/or protruding details (scales, wings/fins, flowers/mushrooms, shimmer, antennea, glaze, etc), are more prone to damage when not properly protected.

☾ All creatures are made of durable water resistant polymer (read: plastic) clay, that can withstand the elements, but they should not be submerged in water or left in the same sunny spot for too long. They should always be placed in a semi-protected location and moved periodically to prevent fading.

☾ Clean with a soft damp cloth or cotton swab to remove dust. If dust is persistent, hand wash with warm water and gentle soap. Taking care not to get soap in their eyes, and being gentle around any sensitive areas, such as around antenna’s, crystals, horns, wings, and other growths.

☾ Never use harsh chemical cleaners or products meant for humans on or around your creatures.

To learn more about your your creature, visit the Bestiary.