Caring For Your Art

Mishes Official | Woodrow takes a bath
Art Dolls & Mounts

As cute and playful as my creatures may be, they are not toys, but one of a kind, art sculptures intended for display by teen & adult collectors (13+). They are not suitable for child’s play. Broken pieces are a CHOKING HAZARD to children and pets. Please gift responsibly for the safety of your loved ones.

All sculptures (ex. art dolls, wall mounts, & heads) are made of durable polymer (read: plastic) clay with wire armatures. However, they still need to be handled with care and protected from falls when being displayed. Delicate and/or protruding details (wings, mushrooms, antenna, etc) are especially prone to damage if dropped or crushed. (See “what to do if my creature is damaged” in the FAQs).

To enjoy Mishes for years to come, 

  • Periodically remove dust with a soft damp cloth or cotton swab. Fur details can be gently combed after drying.
  • Don’t submerge in water (ex. potted plant, fish tank) to prevent loss of shimmer & gummy clay.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure & extreme temperatures (ex. car dashboard) to prevent premature fading of colors and cracking.
  • Never use or spray harsh chemicals of any kind (ex. hairspray, house hold cleaners, etc) around your creatures.
  • Do not shower or sleep with any wearable sculptures.
  • Do not scratch, rub, or pick at the clay surface.

Mishes are incredibly adventurous and photogenic, so it’s only natural to want to pose & travel with them to fun locations for videos and photographs. I for one, LOVE seeing all the mischief your Mishes get into. 

Please use extreme caution when posing and transporting your creatures to and from photoshoot locations. A tube of super glue (just in case) and a hard plastic or metal container lined with tissue paper and the paper shred from your Mish’s shipping box should provide adequate protection while traveling.

***Regular use like this will eventually start to show wear and tear in the form of cracks, fading of shimmers, and even risk scratches & broken or loose parts.*** 




All of my stickers (unless otherwise noted) are printed on high quality laminated vinyl with a strong adhesive, making them UV & water resistant. While all stickers are susceptible to damage from repeated abuse, vinyl stickers generally hold up well on a number of surfaces (cars, water bottles, laptops, etc), and are unlikely to peel, warp, or fade with proper application & care.

To prolong the life of your stickers:

  • Be mindful of location & use of the item you’re placing it on. Rough handling will shorten the life of your sticker.
  • Apply to clean, dry surface, & firmly press out any air bubbles.
  • When possible, avoid prolonged exposure to water, full sun, extreme temperatures, & chemicals.
  • Do not scratch or pick at the surface or edges of your sticker once applied.




Images and/or sketches are printed on high quality archival quality paper and do best when stored in frames to protect them from dust, dirt, & oil from finger prints.

  • Clean hands prior to touching or use cotton gloves when handling.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Avoid exposure to moisture, extreme temperature changes, & chemicals.



Enamel Pins

Pins are made by stamping designs into metal and coloring with enamel paints. By nature, they are water resistant and incredibly durable since they are meant to be worn on clothing or displayed on bags. 

Keep your pin in top shape by:

  • Being mindful of location, material, & use of the item you’re placing it on. 
  • Periodically checking that all backs are snug & firmly attached to all posts.
  • Use all posts on the pin to reduce strain, and increase connection.
  • Wipe with mild soap & water on a soft cloth or cotton swab to clean away any dirt.
  • When possible, avoid prolonged exposure to water, full sun, extreme temperatures, & chemicals.
  • Do not scratch or pick at the enamel surface.