• Caring For Your Art

    All sculptures (ex. art dolls, wall mounts, & heads) are made of durable polymer (read: plastic) clay with wire armatures. However, they still need to be handled with care and protected from falls when being displayed.

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  • Mishes, A History

    Mishes was sparked in early 2016 after my daughter (then 4 years old) asked me to make her a mushroom baby to play with. So I threw together this little thing with some left over clay from a previous project, slapped some paint on it, and called it a day.

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  • What is an Art Doll?

    An art doll is a designer toy (or art toy) created by an artist. However, unlike mass produced toys, they are most definitely not a child’s play thing, but rather one of a kind or limited edition, hand made piece of art intended to be enjoyed & collected by teens (13+) & adults. 

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