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Surprise, I'm back!

After a longer than expected hiatus, I am back at it with a freshly revamped site & ideas just brimming to come to life! Hi, I'm Jes, the owner and creator of these cute but sometimes creepy hand sculpted polymer clay creatures called Mishes.

  • Caring For Your Art

    All sculptures (ex. art dolls, wall mounts, & heads) are made of durable polymer (read: plastic) clay with wire armatures. However, they still need to be handled with care and protected from falls when being displayed.

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  • What is an Art Doll?

    An art doll is a designer toy (or art toy) created by an artist. However, unlike mass produced toys, they are most definitely not a child’s play thing, but rather one of a kind or limited edition, hand made piece of art intended to be enjoyed & collected by teens (13+) & adults. 

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Quick F.A.Q.s

How in the world do you pronounce Mishes!?

Can you say "wishes"? Ok, great! Now, change the 'w' to a 'm' and *TADA*, you now know how to say MISHES!

Fun tidbit: The name mishes came from a typo when texting the word "mushrooms"!

Where have you been?

I took some time off to wrap my head around everything going on in this crazy world and to get some things in check in my personal life. After 6 months, I'm finally at a point where I'm actually looking forward to creating again.

So, when is the next creature release?

The goal is to resume my schedule of a new creature release every 6-8 weeks. Want to be notified about the next release date & time? Subscribe to MishMail and get an email with all the details right in your inbox!

How do I get a Mish when you sell out so fast?

Shopping creature releases really is an art form. I have an entire section about in in the Help & FAQs, but here are a few quick tips: sign up for MishMail, create a free member account & plug in all of your info ahead of time, get familar with my site, & set an alarm.

What's all this about a sticker guild?

The Sticker Guild is my monthly sticker subscription! For $5 you get a brand new Mish sticker shipped right to your door. Still not sure? Read more about it and see photos of past guild exclusive stickers here.

You have merchandise now too?

Yes! I know scoring hand made art can be tricky (and expensive), so I've released a line of merch featuring my artwork including, but not limited to; enamel pins, stickers, bags, beanies, & masks, to help scratch that Mish itch at much lower price points.

I have questions about my account, an order, or shipping?

Quick answers to just about any question; whether it be policies, shipping, a damaged product, pricing, pausing or canceling a subscription, or newsletter troubleshooting can be found in the Help & FAQs. Can't find what you're looking for? Drop me an email.

Customer Testimonials

  • Baby pumpkins? Heck yes!

    "So friggin cool! I love the tiny tush & neat, posable arms and legs. Creepy & cute are a magical combo when Jes is creating. I'm so happy to add this adorable pumpkin to my collection."

    Jodie Parks

  • Awesome Stickers!

    "Love my Mish stickers! Good quality with nice, solid colours. Very happy with my subscription to get Mishes after they sell out. Jes is super helpful with making sure stickers make it all the way to Australia."

    Amber Pope

  • Very well made. My wife loves it!

    "These little guys are much bigger and heavier than I imagined. Very well made. The care in packaging was so well done, there is no way it could have gotten broken. My wife absolutely loves it and we will be back for more. Thanks!"

    Phillip Radcliffe

  • My second Mish, I can't wait to collect more!

    "I'm so in love withn my little aloe plant!! My beloved grandmother introduced me to aloe when I was little and this guy reminds me of her. These cuties are truly intricate works of art. Thank you so much!!!"

    Viktoria Delgado

  • Mish Sticker Guild

    "Absolutely love getting new designs every month, there's been good variety so far in theme, design and sticker type (holographic, glitter-esque, clear, & glow in the dark). All a good size and sturdy."

    Jessica Andrew

  • Pumpkinhead Pin

    "I’m astounded by the detail that went into this pin and my Halloween craving is satisfied whenever I give him a glance. Superb packaging ensured he arrived undamaged & arrived quickly."

    Robyn Dean

  • I loved it so much, I immediately purchased a few more!

    "I absolutely adore these sprockets & I'm so happy I purchased a few more to keep my first one company. They shipped very quickly & are really wonderful little clay creatures."

    Heather A. Small