SALE! Hellie the Botanical Hellebore Mish - OOAK collectible handmade polymer clay art toy gift
SALE! Hellie the Botanical Hellebore Mish - OOAK collectible handmade polymer clay art toy gift

Hellie the Hellebore Mish with Onyx Eyes & Pyrite

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Hellie is probably the cutest Mish that has ever been discovered, with her beautiful coloring, and her long eyelashes. She's always positive and energetic. Hellie eats a strict diet of pyrite, and it shows by the shimmering flecks of it that show up in her pollen.

☾ This is the original version; you are adopting the exact Mish pictured here! I do not use molds, so no two creatures, even of the same species, will ever be alike.

☾ Mishes are typically about 3” tall/long x 1.5” around, weigh roughly 2 ounces, and have a slightly textured matte feel. Every single one is numbered, dated, & stamped with my signature, and carries a real crystal. Once adopted, they are neatly packaged with the utmost care to insure their safe arrival home! 

☾ Each creature is individually, hand-sculpted, by me. As such, they will display unique and slightly imperfect, handmade details, including but not limited to: finger prints, lint, bumps, seams, tool impressions, etc, that add to their character. 

☾ All creatures are made of durable polymer clay that essentially cures to a plastic like material. Many also feature real stone eyes. To learn more about your creature, and how to care for it please see the Creature Care and Bestiary pages.

☾ As cute and playful as my creatures may be, they are not toys, but one of a kind, collectible art sculptures intended for adult collectors. They are not suitable for child’s play. Please gift responsibly for the safety of your loved ones.

☾ Please allow up to 7 business days for your newly adopted creature to be prepared for travel and shipped out. For more information about returns & shipping, please read through the FAQs page.

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