Amir & Agatha Collaboration #163

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A two part collaboration piece between myself and Stefanie Clowette. Our pieces were made on opposite sides of the USA and then connected as one final piece. A story that has been months in the making of lifelong best friends from two completely different worlds.

“Amir and Agatha grew up in the same enchanted pond. One on the banks and one beneath waters. They are kindred spirits and together they hold many beautiful secrets of the water world in which they live.” ~ Story by S. Clowette

Amir is a purple pobble, a real chunk of amethyst crystal, with handmade resin eyes & water droplets, sitting on a green lily pad. Made by Stefanie Clowette of @tissyrose

Agatha is a green mermaid mish with a lily pad, pebbles, and resin water droplets. She has REAL amethyst eyes. Made by Jes Hunter of @mishesofficial

 Features signature symbol of two dots over a crescent moon on forehead, and a dimpled heiny.

 This is the original version; you are purchasing the exact Mish figurine pictured here! I do not use molds, so no two creatures will ever be identical.

 Please allow up to 7 business days for your newly adopted creature to be prepare for travel and shipped out.