Mishes & Mishlings

Mishes are tiny, cute, but sometimes creepy, creatures most often found in gardens playing with beetles and befriending garden gnomes & fairies, but they have occasionally been spotted indoors on bookshelves & desks, and inside curiosity cabinets. They are fiercely loyal companions to fellow mish and humans alike. A group or gathering of mishes is called a “tush”.

Mishes are marsupials; a mother Mish carries and grows her offspring in a hidden pouch like fold with a special crystalline lining. Baby Mishes, more commonly known as Mishlings, feed off of the energy of that crystal lining until they are big and strong enough to leave the pouch and feed on actual crystals.

When Mishes consume a crystal, they begin to magnify that crystal’s energies to everything around them. They can be quite ravenous at times, and thus are most easily spotted while taking a snack break.


Sprockets are very quiet and rarely seen. They love dark, dusty places, and spend their days breeding and herding dust bunnies. They live almost exclusively indoors, on bookshelves, under furniture, and in rarely used corners. But wild species have been occasionally documented in messy garages and old or abandoned sheds & barns.

Silverfish are a Sprocket delicacy which gives them a special affinity for bookshelves and old libraries. They are distant relatives of book worms which often results in misidentification.

Female sprockets have wings in order to reach the high tops of cabinets, tall bookshelves, & dusty rafters, though it’s not often that they are seen in flight. Male sprockets do not have wings and are charged with caring for their young. No one knows quite how they procreate, but if you see one, be rest assured there are many more lurking in the shadows!