September 2022 Restock

The next restock is scheduled for:
Saturday, September 3rd, 2022 at 2:00pm EST

Here are preview photos & pricing for all the creatures available in this restock!

Eight handsculpted adult and baby mishes on bed of moss.

🌿 Green Honeybee Goblin $125
🌿 White Ram $125
🌿 Stinkhorn Mishroom $125
🌿 Gray Jackelope $125

🌿 Dark Gray Bat $95
🌿 Acorn $95
🌿 Blue & Gray Unicorn $95
🌿 Mossy Rock Ent w/ Snail $95


Yeti mish heads on wood wall mounts in front of bed of moss.

🌿 Blue Abominable Snowman $75
🌿 Pink Abominable Snowman $75
🌿 Purple Abominable Snowman $75


Glow in the dark Will o wisp in lantern mish stickers on bed of moss.

Don't forget to join the sticker guild by September 7th to get the glow in the dark wisp lantern sticker!


***For information on policies, shipping, adoption tips, and more, please read through the help & FAQs.***
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