News: Updates & Changes in 2021

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The mental and physical aspects of Covid-19, the political insanity, and social injustices of this past year have slowed me down considerably and greatly affected the way I process & run Mishes. In addition to the impacts it’s had on my job as a small business owner and artist (harder to find materials, price hikes, shipping delays), I have also taken on the role of Teacher in order to homeschool my children who are home full time now. So some big changes need to take place.

  • Instead of fighting this, and causing more stress, my one and only “resolution” going into 2021 is to slow down and go with the flow, by allowing myself more time for decompressing, family connection, gathering supplies, & working on production.
  • Due to a rise in shipping rates across all shipping carriers in the new year, ALL shipments from me beginning in January will be shipped via USPS First Class ONLY. It is just as safe & efficient as priority, but at a fraction of the cost to you. Expect these changes to be reflected during check out.
  • Starting January 1st, 2021, shipping to the UK will be unavailable due to Brexit and VAT changes. I apologize for the inconvenience, and will let you know the moment things change.


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All this really means for you, is less restocks, but I’m hoping to make up for that with all of the fun and exciting things I have in store for Mishes in 2021. And as the world gets back on its feet, I’ll be able to pick up the pace again sooner rather than later. But for now, keep your eyes peeled for;

  • MishMonthly sticker subscription!
  • Loads of other new merch beyond just stickers & prints. I’m talking new pins, mugs, and maybe even some apparel!
  • More in depth blog posts full of fun Mish facts, tips, & freebies.
  • Continuing with the new posable designs, expect Mishes to be more along the lines of cryptid, spooky, and mythological varieties.
  • Sprockets are officially retired, but this leaves room for exploring things like hand sculpted wall mounts and broaches/magnets! (Yule ornaments were just a taste!)
  • Some random “purge” sales and donations as I declutter my office & home space. This will include business materials for fellow artists and random caches of arts & crafts supplies for anyone who wants/needs them.


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You may have already noticed some changes (and lots of broken links) on my website. Please bear with me while I make room for all of the fresh ideas to come and give all the old info a much needed overhaul. Typos and general weirdness will be the norm for a bit. However, if it affects your ability to find information or shop my site, do not hesitate to shoot me an email!

MishMail (my emailed newsletter) is getting a big facelift as well. While its main goal is still to alert you to new restock information, it will now include a condensed news section, and an “on the blog” recap section, with the overall aim being to keep those of you who prefer to be less connected through social media (boy do I get that!), up to date on the latest Mish news! (Join MishMail by clicking here!)


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It’s been one hell of a year, but I couldn’t imagine doing it with a better group of family, friends, and supporters like you! Mishes and your love for them have been one of the few things that have truly kept me going. Here’s to another year of these cute, but sometimes creepy creatures putting a smile on all of our faces.

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