March 2020 Restock Previews

The March 2020 restock is scheduled for:
Saturday, April 4th, 2020 at 3:00pm EST

Here are preview photos & pricing for all the creatures available in this restock! 

  • Three (3) lucky, randomly selected, purchasers will receive a special gift!
  • There is now a ONE FIGURINE LIMIT per purchaser for the first 30 minutes.
  • Let me know if you would like me to hold your purchase due to current events. 
☾  M I S H E S  ☾
Birthday Cake Bear MishFaun Mish
      Birthday Cake Bear Mish: $65                                         Faun Mish: $70
Purple Caterpillar MishGray Jackelope Mish
            Purple Caterpillar Mish: $75                      Gray Jackelope Mish: $65
Green Snail Mish
Green Snail Mish: $75

☾  M I S H L I N G S  ☾
Birthday Candle MishlingGargoyle Mishling
Birthday Candle Mishling: $55                 Gargoyle Mishling: $60 
Bumble Bee MishlingBlack Lamb Mishling
Bumble Bee Mishling: $60             Black Lamb Mishling: $55
Sprouting Bulb MishlingBig Foot Mishling
Sprouting Bulb Mishling: $55                     Big Foot Mishling: $60

☾  S P R O C K E T S  ☾
Moth Sprocket Flying 1Moth Sprocket Adult 1
 Moth Sprocket Flying: $50                    Moth Sprocket: $50
Moth Sprocket Parent 1Moth Sprocket Flying 2
      Moth Sprocket w/ Baby: $50                 Moth Sprocket Flying: $50
Moth Sprocket 2Moth Sprocket Parent 2
              Moth Sprocket: $50                        Moth Sprocket w/ Baby: $50

***For more information on policies, shipping, restocks, etc.
please read through the FAQs.***
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