July 2020 Restock Previews

The July 2020 restock is scheduled for:
Friday, July 24th, 2020 at 2:00pm EST

Here are preview photos & pricing for all the creatures available in this restock! 
  • Limit ONE FIGURINE per purchaser for the first 15 minutes. Please see FAQs for more details
  • Let me know if you would like me to hold your purchase due to Covid-19. 
☾  M I S H E S  ☾
Angler MermishDiplodocus Mish
Angler Mermish: $80                               Diplodocus Mish: $75
Axolotl MishUFO Mish
Axolotl Mish: $75                      UFO Mish: $80
Alien MishSaturn Mish
Gray Alien: $70                       Saturn Mish: $70
☾  M I S H L I N G S  ☾
Nebula BBAlien Pinkie BB
Nebula Mishling: $65                  Pink Alien Mishling: $60 
Moon BBCow BB
Moon Elemental Mishling: $60                            Cow Mishling: $65
Triceratops BBAstronaut BB
Triceratops Mishling: $60                Astronaut Mishling: $65
☾  S P R O C K E T S  ☾
Red shroom sprocket with bbRed shroom Sprocket
Amanita Sprocket with baby: $55                  Amanita Sprocket w/ wings: $55 
Red shroom sprocket with wingsYellow shroom sprocket with baby
Amanita Sprocket: $55                            Chanterelle Sprocket w/ baby: $55
Yellow shroom sprocketYellow shroom sprocket w/ wings
Chanterelle Sprocket: $55                Chanterelle Sprocket w/ wings: $55
***For more information on policies, shipping, restocks, etc.
please read through the FAQs.***
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