Update | I'm back in the studio!

After an unexpectedly long hiatus, extended slightly by a second round of covid (family vacation edition), I’m finally ready to be back at my desk and itching to start creating again.

I'll skip the long winded story of taking a dive into the deep end of the void by reminding everyone to take breaks & downtime seriously or your brain/body will force you to take that time in the most inconvenient of ways.

Messy desk with unfinished mish body parts and tools. Calendar, photos, and to do lists on walls.

With that being said, my desk has a fresh look and is just begging to get some sculpting done. It may have taken on a bit of its own identity crisis, changing shape as often as location many times over the months, but it has finally settled (back in its original spot—go figure) with some tweaks to get me back into the swing of things.

Speaking of comfort, work doesn't always happen at my desk. Lately, I've taken 
to sketching sticker guild designs from the comfort of my bed while watching creepy nature documentaries & streaming D&D games. 

Close up of blurry mish sketch on ipad, focus on nature documentary on tv in background.

*Checkout the super sneak peek of August's sticker! Eee! I can't wait!*

I've also got some t-shirts and other fun merch designs in the works behind the scenes that I'm pretty excited about, and of course, a much anticipated MISH RELEASE planned for the end of August!

Keep your eyes peeled for some shifts in Mishes presence across the web. Most notably in branding & accessibility, but also some minor adjustments to the way things are run. None of this should effect your "mish-sperience"... yeah no, that one was a bit a of a reach, even for me.

Anyway, I've missed connecting with all of you (not you social media, go stand in the corner) and I am so appreciative of everyone who has stuck around & reached out while I was gone.

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