Seymour Butts the Rock Golem Mish #125

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Exclusive April Fool’s sculpt! 

Seymour Butts can best be described as a pompous ass. He can most often be found hitting the gym between spray tan sessions and is frequently caught kissing his “guns” with every bicep curl. If there’s a reflective surface nearby, he’s guaranteed to be checking himself out and slicking back his heavily moused pompadour. Despite his name, his actually tush is quite small, though the one on his face more than makes up the difference. Seymour isn’t as rich as he makes himself out to be either, look closer, that’s a piece of fool’s gold he’s carrying, not real gold.

Gold/bronze rock textured Mish with rock hard abs & three curly chest hairs. His chiseled kissy face is winking revealing one rose quartz eye. It’s hard to miss that massive cleft chin. He is also holding a raw piece of pyrite (fool’s gold) and features the signature symbol of two dots over a crescent moon on forehead.

This is the original version; you are adopting the exact creature pictured here! I do not use molds, so no two creatures will ever be identical.

Please allow up to 7 business days for your newly adopted creature to be prepared for travel and shipped out. 

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