Sprockets are roughly 1.5 inches tall x 1/2” wide (not including antennae or wings), weigh roughly 1/2 ounce, and have a slightly textured matte feel. Once adopted, they are neatly packaged with the utmost care to insure their safe arrival home! 

Each creature is considered a one of a kind collectible art toy and is individually, hand-sculpted from polymer clay, by me. As such, they will display unique and slightly imperfect, handmade details, including but not limited to: finger prints, lint, bumps, seams, tool impressions, etc, that add to their character. To learn more about your creature, and how to care for it, see the Creature Care and Bestiary pages.

Please read through each creature’s listing and the FAQs page, in its entirety, for more information on shop updates, adoption tips, shipping & return policies, etc before adopting.

It looks like everyone has been adopted! – Never fear, I’m busy creating new creatures just for you.